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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Kelli needed to be tested by Exceptional Student Education team (psychologist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist and physical therapist) due to Kelli's background. She was tested on January 8th to see if she needed an IEP plan for kindergarten. I am very happy to announce Kelli will NOT need any services next year!
Her evaluations are as followed: Cognitive: picture similarities 46 (average) matrices 56 (average) pattern consrtuction (low) copying 38 (below average) nonverbal reasoning 102 (average) spatial 77 (low) special nonverbal composite 87 (below average) so overall cognitive development is 87 below adverage 19th percentile. Speech/Language: auditory comprehension 96 (4-7 y/o) expressive communication 103 (5-10 y/o) total language score 100 age equivalency of 4-10 y/o 50th percentile. So her psychologist and speech-language pathologist say with time she will be an average learner because she has more strengths (socially engaging, curiosity, hard worker, verbally expressive) then weaknesses (intially shy)!
Her OT has area of concern in: strength (muscle power against resistance) tactile (interpretation of light touch, pressure, temperature, pain and vibration) proprioception (interpretation of stimuli in muscles and joints) olfactory (interpretation of stimuli through eyes). But she also stated her educational strengths (independent with access of her environment, emerging perceptual motor skills, socially engaging personality, functional grasp patterns for manipulation of classroom tools, participates in joint attention to task, appropriate conversation with testers, responds well to verbal redirect to task, supportive family environment) out weigh her weaknesses (decrease in muscle tone impacting fine motor coordination, some defensive behaviors with light touch, decreased letter formation to write first name, limited frustration tolerance to challenging activities, limited visual attention of surroundings). So her OT feels Kelli will develope in a normal kindergarten classroom!
Her PT said since she can ambulate independently, has functional endurance and functional gross motor skills for school activities she will blossem given time. Her only concern is Kelli has mild - low muscle tone, but will not stop her!
We are very happy with these findings and always new in our hearts Kelli just needs time to be Kelli!

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