Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God. Psalm 84:3

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Sleepover

We had our first Summer Sleepover at our house! Our friend April and her 2 children come over for a fun weekend. The boys set up camp in their room and the girls had a traditional sleepover in the playroom. We were able to have some quite "mommy time" after the kids went to bed, chatting until 2am. (When was the last time I stayed up that late?, I didn't even know there where 2 two o'clocks in the same day!) We swam all the next day (see below) and lunched on the patio. What a great summer this is.

Summer Sleepover Swim

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going "Court"ing

We have an official court hearing for Kelli! This one is no lie this time.... the judge, the JA and court attorney have all come together and decided they are ready to officially make Kelli ours legally but since we all knew she was ours in our hearts 9 months ago this is just a formality.
So July 14 at 10am we will meet with Judge McCann! We will have a small gathering later in the month for Kelli to celebrate her special day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Quickie

Vinny has started to like Star Wars (thanks Micheal) and found out Hollywood Studios was hosting Star Wars weekends the month of June. Well June weekends have been super busy and we didn't think about it again...until Friday! We thought a quick trip to Disney would be fun this weekend before all the "summerness" kicks in. We left Saturday morning for a day of Darth Vader but so did a million other people! The picture above is the closest we came to any thing "Star Warsish" except the Stormtroopers that welcomed us, Vinny was super disappointed because he had his autograph book and pen all set to go. The lines were super long and it was super duper hot! But we did get to go on our new favorite ride! Toy Story! And we saw Green Army Man, Buzz and Woody who autographed Vinny's book and took a bunch of pictures with the kids (see below). Then the rains came and washed us out of Disney and back home where we officially started summer!

Toy Story Ride: Hollywood Studios

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bird Watchers

Today we went to the park is search of birds or any other nature we could see. The kids had their binoculars out and saw a turtle, some butterflies and tadpoles. We went to the nature center where we got to learn about some Florida wildlife. After we picnicked at the park (see Going Bananas).

Going Bananas!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fire House Dog

Today we went to the free movie (during which my sister tried to mame me (see 27 dresses, no 47 shoes) Fire House Dog. Now I did say FREE movie, but the kids bullied me into the drink/popcorn/fruit snack combo which last year was 2 bucks. So I order 4 combos and a small soda for me and the guys says $19.92! What! 20 bucks for a handful of popcorn and a fruit roll up? Are you kidding! 2 out of 4 kids ordered a water! Okay after I gave him a look of disbelief we hurry to find 5 seats together and settle in for a movie. The movie is kinda sad which I thought it might be and figured on Sal crying. Which he did but to my surprise Kelli was hysterical (this would be her first movie with us). After her tears dried up she asked if I take her to another movie could it not be about someone leaving their family and having to find another one.....
Hmmm maybe I could get an instruction booklet for her on what not to do to your adopted child. But she decided at bedtime that I am the best mommy even if I make her cry. Great, not sure if that was a compliment or not, will have to check the booklet!

27 Dresses? No 47 Shoes!

My sister just got married and did a much needed "spring cleaning" she gave me almost 50 pairs of shoes/sneakers/flip-flops not to mention an arsenal of purses, belts and t-shirts. So I pick out my favorite pairs of shoes and store them away in my closet like a chipmunk. Saturday I wear a pair of blue strappy sandals and nearly brake my ankle when the shoe comes apart from the heal. Luckily I was only at Publix when this happened and I carefully drug my feet like Quasimodo through the store. I repaired the shoe when I got home realizing the glue had dried up probably from lack of wear. Today I venture wearing a pair of black flowered strappy sandals to the movies and low and behold I fly down the stairs of the movie theater since this shoe's heal broke away too! I think Tyrene is trying to kill me. After hopping around Rave I take the second defective pair of shoes home and realize once again it is a glue issue. So tonight my children and I pretended to be shoe makers and glued all the shoes heal to sole so I can offer my adventures friends who are a size 7-9 to please come and take some of these shoes out of my garage!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Its a Tie

Nicholas and I are at a stand still over the potty. We have had equal amount of potty uses and misses. Our group is in again today with hopes of fulltime potty success by the end of the week.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Movies....

Any PSL readers want to try a free summer movie with us? Just leave a comment.

6/10-6/11 Shrek the Third (PG)
6/17-6/18 Fire House Dog (PG)
6/24-6/25 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (G)
7/1-7/2 Alvin & the Chipmunks (PG)
7/8-7/9 Bee Movie (PG)
7/15-7/16 Veggie Tales (G)
7/22-7/23 Charlotte's Web (G)
7/29-7/30 Surf's Up (PG)

Nicholas 1 Mommy 0

Our first day of Booty Camp failed! Nicholas must be the 2% that does not get what we are doing. For the first 5 hours Nicholas held it until he finally exploded all over the kitchen, after that things just continued downhill. He fell asleep around 8pm and didn't have an accident until 4:30am then again at 8:30am. We hope we have better luck today, it seems he just doesn't want to go in the potty but anywhere else is okay. Maybe we will have to take that trip to Chicago after all....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Booty Camp here we come!

‘Potty Whisperer’ toilet-trains toddlers in one day, at ‘Booty Camp,’ it’s the kids’ responsibility to clean up their own messes on the TODAY show June 9th.

An operator of a so-called “Booty Camp” in suburban Chicago has a claim that will astonish parents of droopy-diapered toddlers everywhere. Give her five hours, she says, and she’ll give you a potty-trained toddler.
Impossible? Not according to TODAY’s Al Roker, who offered an unsolicited testimonial. “I actually took my son to this, and it works,” he said. “One day.”
Sweeney, a registered nurse and the mother of six, told TODAY’s Ann Curry that her system actually works about 98 percent of the time. Based on Nathan H. Azrin’s book “Toilet Training in Less Than a Day,” the woman who is called the “Potty Whisperer” trains parents as much as she teaches the toddlers. Visit website http://www.bootycampmom.com/.

We are attending booty camp this week. Our friends Jill (Boomerang Consignment) helped us pick a potty from her store and Jen gave Nick cool undies for his birthday. So my home is turning into camp, all the diapers we had left went into the garbage and we are following the advise seen on the TODAY show.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner / Wedding

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nice Nails

Kelli went to the nail salon with me today to get ready for Ty's wedding. She had a good time and picked a very cool color! Hot pink with white sparkles!

Kindergarten here we come!

The graduates with great-grandparents Julia and Frank, and mommy! They were excited about the program but nervous that Kindergarten is next.

Kelli and Sal walking in with their classes. The kids sang beautifully, songs included One Small Voice and Shine on Me.

Sal graduating with his teacher Ms Tawny. All the afternoon teachers. Kelli with her teacher Ms Nancy.

Sal made some very good friends this year, his best pal AJ will be going to the same school next year.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Day of Summer

Today marked the first day of summer. Friends enjoyed a day at the pool, the boys hid out at the fort and our crew picniced inside. We had a great day and look forward to tonights graduation for Sal, Kelli, AJ and Brandon!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No Fieldtrip for Us!

No Court Date...

Cancel previous post. Our court date has been postponed until the court judge and attorney can approve our petition for adoption.

We Have a Court Date!!!

Hooray the time as finally come! We have our court date for Tuesday, June 10th to officially adopt Kelli!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Tomorrow is the preschools big bowling fieldtrip, some of Sal's friends moms and I did not want to go so we have secretly been planning a swimming playdate at our house. Well today during class talk time about the fieldtrip and were are some of the permission slips Sal announced him and 3 friends DO NOT need permission slips because they are all going to his house to swim!!! Well carline was full of animosity when myself and the 3 other moms came to pick up our kids, the teacher was pissed off that none of the main mom drivers are going bowling but going swimming instead! Thank God there is only one more day of school, I don't know if I can take this behavior any more!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Princess Party

Kelli was invited to her first all girl birthday party. The theme was "princess" and Kelli picked one of her Disney dresses to wear. She picked Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty because that dress matched her Crocs. Here is her friend Madison for her 5th birthday.
This party was extra special because Kelli had her first sleepover with Madi and her sister. Some know her last sleepover (at Nana's) had a few bumps so we were not sure how she would do. But Jen and I are glad to announce Kelli slept over the whole night!

Skipping School!

Bowling Bash