Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God. Psalm 84:3

Monday, February 25, 2008

Naughty Nick!

Nicholas has been very verbal which isn't always a good thing! Here are a few out of the mouth of babes....

  • I needed a bra for Tyrene's wedding and Nick and I go to Beall's to shop around. Well that was an experience having my 2 y/o in the dressing room with me. Anyway Nick is calling all the bras "boobies". We picked out and purchased a boobie and go home. The bra is on a cute little hanger and I put it on a dining room chair so I want forget to take it with me for the dress fitting. The bra was on the chair for 1 week, nobody bothered it. Sunday roles around and I am trying to pack up for out WPB trek, where is the bra????? Its not on the chair! I start to tear apart the house looking in the laundry basket, the drawers, the laundry room, other dining room chairs. Now I am watching the clock knowing it will take an hour to get to WPB with no bra. I finally run in the kids room and ask "Have any of you seen mommy's bra that was on the chair" Nicholas says "I hung your boobies up in the closet!" Sure enough my "boobies" where in the closet in between my shirts, funny I didn't think to look there!
  • If you can't hear it; make it up! That has always been an inside joke in our family which Nicholas has started doing. While we were in the car Nick asked if he could have toast for breakfast. I said sure and you can watch spongebob. He said No I don't ketchup. WhAt??
  • Nick and I go to the stores while everyone is at school. We needed to run into Walmart to grab one last item for Dawn's babies. (This item is by the bath stuff, which is by the tampons and maxipads) I said to Nick do you want to walk or ride in the cart? He says walk. So we are speed walking to the aisle and right before we get to the bath stuff Nicholas stops in front of the maxipads/tampons puts his hands on his hips and says "MOM DO YOU NEED YOUR DIAPERS?" Needless to say we left Walmart and bought the bath toy in Walgreens!
  • Nick and I went to BJ's and he asked for a pretzel, kinda hungry myself I get us a pretzel to split and 2 drinks. Nick and I do our shopping and check out. When we get to the car I notice Nick still has alot of the pretzel left. He asked if he could take it with him in the car. Sure! I get him all set up with his food, drink, quackers etc and start driving. After about 10 mins he says I don't want this anymore, so I ask him to put it in my gumby stretched hand and I said "honey did you bite this?" (Because I was still hungry), He says NOOOO! As I bite down he chimes in "I only licked it!"

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