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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bye Bunco

When I moved back to PSL I was asked to play bunco with some of Jen's friends. Gee, I don't know I tried that game with a bunch of "bible banging" neighbors back in Alabama and I really did not enjoy it. Well Jen's gang are the same church goers but don't get red faced and start praying when the occasional shit or damn slips past my atheist lips but many of my other heathen friends ask.....
What is Bunco?
Strictly speaking, Bunco is a game of dice, played in rounds. Players take turns rolling the dice and trying to accumulate as many points as possible to win each round. The game is played at tables of four in competing teams of two. Players score points by rolling three dice and trying to match the number they're supposed to roll for that round. They get a point for each die that rolls the number, and if all three roll the number they score 21 points. They also score 5 points for rolling three of a kind of any other number. They get to keep rolling as long as they score one or more points with each roll. Once they fail to score they pass the dice to their left and the opposing team gets a chance to score. During each round the teams at the Head Table try to score 21 points. The first team to score 21 points wins the round and play stops. At all other tables play stops when the Head Table play stops and the team with the highest score at each lower table wins the round.
At the end of the round players change seats, the winners at each of the lower tables move up a table, and the losers at the head table move to the lowest table. Players also switch partners at the end of the round, so you never play with the same partner twice in a row. During play, players track the number of rounds they win and lose as a team, and the number of Buncos scored individually, on their personal scorecard. At the end of the night wins/losses and Buncos are tallied and prizes awarded.
Now Iam going to tell you the truth... Bunco is a social event. Really it is! It's a party. It's a blast! Twelve (most of the time) of us get together once a month, leaving the cares and worries behind, and leave the kids with their fathers for a change.
We fall off our diets, snacking on M&Ms all night. We have a delicious dinner, and dessert. We talk and talk usually angering the more seasoned bunco players. We talk about our kids. About the neighbors. About anyone who didn't show up. About our husbands, our jobs, their jobs, our community, TV shows, current events, and anything else that might tickle our fancy. Oh yeah, and we play a silly, mindless dice game with wild abandon, hoping to take home a few more sheckles then we arrived with. (If this is how they acted in Alabama I may have not left)!
Now that's Bunco. And tomorrow night is our last game since we are taking the summer off so thanks Dawn, Jen, Meloney, Tawana, Deb, Pat, Barb, Nancy and all the different subs over the past year for a wonderful wild Friday night once a month! Looking forward to August ;-)

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