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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Be Real Challenge

OK, so I have been challenged "TO BE REAL" by Growing Up Garcia and Storing Up Treasures in Heaven! Both are blog friends as well as in real life, below are 20 REAL things about me. After you've finished reading I hope you will accept the challenge to be real also!

1*I am not a morning person, never have been. I growled at my mom when she tried to wake me as a child and I growl at my children now. The kids know not to kill each other until at least 8:30am.
2*I am in love with Starbucks. I hate coffee but love anything found at Starbucks (all flavored coffees). I am all about the FuNKy FLaVoReS!
3*I don’t like to cook and can and have burned water. If it does not come in a box/bag and I can't microwave it we just can't eat it.
4*I am a control freak. I have a need to do things my way and struggle to not tell someone they are doing it wrong.
5*I can do anything and any project thrown my way. I hate to wait for anyone to do something that I know I could do myself.
6*I don't like people in general (except for people I already know) and don't enjoy making new friends. I think a few close friends who you really know and know you is better then tons of "friends" who are just really acquaintances with the wrong label.
7*I totally struggle with vanity. I am NEVER pleased with my looks/weight/appearance/hair. I fully believe in plastic surgery and as soon as I can scrape up the money, I will have a flatter tummy and a smaller @$$ someday.
8*I am self-taught computer savvy often working into the night to "fix" something, "fix" also means to make better. I can whip you up a blog in minutes.
9*I love to read and will lock myself in the bathroom just to read a few chapters. I only read horror/suspense/mystery. Nothing else it just doesn't interest me
10*I want to adopt again, would love to have a second "china doll" without getting on an airplane.
11*I am a Tv junkie and DVR everything.
12*Somedays I want to go back to work full-time when my children are acting like apes. Then there are days that I don't want them to grow up any more and we stay home everyday.
13*Sometimes I wish we still lived in Alabama, I don't think I will ever be content where we live :-(
14*I love arts and crafts and can whip up a project with what is at home to keep the kids or myself busy.
*15I hate staying home, I love to be out everyday having a new adventure and trying out new things. Luckily I have instilled the busybodiness into my children
*16I don't mind driving even though I have drivers anxiety, the kids and I made alot of long-distance trips and I actually liked it. Traveling early in the morning (2am-7am) is my favorite, looking at the different scenery is the best. I rather drive the back roads then the highways. I always want to stop at those "local" places.
*17I think I like the country over the city, although I hate bugs and need entertainment (hmmm)
*18I get bored very easily (with 4 kids I know that sounds odd)
*19I have an irrational fear of things (heights,rides,water etc) and have passed that on to my children
*20No matter how hard I try I am at Publix at least 4 times a week. Not sure why since I don't cook....

5 notes:

Anonymous said...

Great list. You made me laugh too.
I could relate to so many of these.

Jen said...

Ok, so about #13...I am SO glad you DON'T live in Alabama anymore!!

Anonymous said...

Love your list girlfriend. I am up for the challenge (I will get to it soon!

Have a happy 4th,


PS since you can whip up a blog in no time ~ HELP!!!

Stephanie said...

You keep it so REAL! Have a stay weekend.

Anonymous said...

I did it~ trying not to think about it because if I do I may just erase it~ Yikes!!!!