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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meet your Teacher....

Friday was meet the teacher day at school. The kids could not wait to see their new teachers and classrooms. Sal's teacher is Ms Echevarria. He did not know anyone in his class, but was excited that she likes monkeys too! This could be a great match..... Kelli's teacher is Ms Spaulding. She has a friend "Andy" from school last year in her class. Her teacher has alot of spunk and already gave Kelli homework. Vinny's teacher is Ms Paulick, he knows 3 boys in his classroom from last year so he was very excited! She was super organized and her room was so put together. She might just be my favorite! LOL School starts Monday for the three of them and September 2 for Nicholas. Wow the summer flew by fast! But we had a great time. I'll update Monday on how the first day went.

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Anonymous said...

Comment from Cade to Vinny:

My teacher is Ms. Garcia and I know two girls in my class. See ya in the car line Vinny!

Anonymous said...

They look so precious~ all smiles!!!

hope they had a great first day back.

How was breakfast this morning? I so badly wanted to be there!!!