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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nicholas is going to School!

Today was Nicholas's first day of school! He was so excited he insisted to drive right there after dropping off his brothers and sister. So we were 45 minutes early!!! We sat inside the car for awhile and Nick said he loves school, he can't wait to see his teacher, when can he get out of the car etc. Then he saw a little boy that he swears was at one of the VBS's we went to. Here is the dialog..
Nick: Oh I don't like that boy, he's mean, he pushes me and Kelli
Me: Oh you might not really know him..
Nick: yes
Nana (trying to change the subject): Nick you look so nice I like your sneakers
Nick: They light up (sneakers) and I can stomp on that bad boy with them!
Me: No No not a good idea....
Then we get out of the car and try to mingle with the other kids, Nick freaks, don't leave me, I miss you, what if I don't like it etc. Wow did not see that coming, I notice Nana is getting worried but I am holding strong.

After school Nick is one of the last kids to come out, now I am thinking he did stomp on that boy. His teacher comes out and says.... how wonderful Nick is and she wants to take him home. He was a pleasure in the classroom and listened and helped and answered. First I had to check if the right child was given to me. Okay he was! We get into the car with the chorus of how proud we are with him and asked him how his day was. This is his response:
Well, we played and went outside where I rode a bike, then we had snack of goldfish and juice with no lid on my cup! Then we found our names on the ground and we had to sit and sing songs which she sang wrong......
Nana and I were laughing so hard with that I am not sure how the rest of the day went. But Nick feels his teacher is not a good singer. Well we will have to see how Thursday goes!

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Anonymous said...

That's really funny. My Alex comes home from first grade with mental lists of mistakes her teachers have made during the day.