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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesdays Treasures: Pumpkin Patches of the Past

Reading Storing Up Treasure's pumpkin posts inspired me to dig out the oldies but goodies. Our first "fall season" in Hoover, Alabama. What a treat for us city slickers. Its 2005, Nicholas is 5 months old. We realize our cute Halloween shirts are just not going to be enough, so we had to have long sleeves on, now this is a first for former Floridians. Next we took a real hayride out to the pumpkin patch where most pumpkins where still attached to the vines! This was another first for us, I never knew how big a pumpkin patch was. After hiking up and down a football field to find just the right one, we had to carry a newborn and a pumpkin about the same weight back to the hayride, without dropping the baby or pumpkin or twisting your ankles climbing over vines. Note to self: cute boots with heals is not appropriate at a real pumpkin patch.

Alabama 2005
Fast forward a year, we are visiting Denise and my parents in WPB, Florida for Jaren's 5 birthday and decide go over to the "pumpkin patch" with my mom (this was always an activity we did). But which patch should we go to? In AL we had 4 main patches but in FL there on every corner! We picked a Florida pumpkin patch on the way home, you know a few pumpkins and faux haystacks in a church parking lot. (that's why FL has so many!) Where we can wear any old shorts and tshirts and the whole choosing/carrying is not a real issue because you look for the non-rotting ones closest to the cash register. But we got to pose with the friendly scarecrow on the way out! Note to self: cute boots with heals is not appropriate in south Florida.

Florida 2006
No need to run out to the pumpkin patch in 2007, we accepted moving back to Florida has many pros (my family and dear friends and no iced over bridges) but has its cons too (2 season summer and hotter then summer). We are going to try a "pumpkin patch" this year since Kelli has said she has never been to one. Let's see what she thinks.....

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