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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reminder Binder

Someone told me to keep order in their home they made a book titled 'Reminder Binder' which kept her kids on task. Things in the Reminder Binder included Chores, Tips, Schedules and Food. I thought this was a great idea, and started working on mine right away. With Nicholas only being three I knew I could not write out their small list of chores so......
I present the first page of our Reminder Binder!

It’s time to clean up clean up
Everybody do your share
Clean up clean up
Soon the mess will not be there
Clean up clean up
Look at this we’re almost done
Toys away -- hey hey hey
Clean-up can be fun

Push in your chair
Throw your paper plate in the trash
Put your cup in the sink
Help take out trash out to garbage can

Put toys and books in matching bins

Put your toys in: Boys ~ Girls ~
Put your clean clothes away in drawers
Put your dirty clothes in the washer
Put your socks and undies in the drawers

Put pool toys in the outside toybox
Put outside toys in basket under fort
NEVER touch the shed
Help collect the mail and newspaper
So what do you think?

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