Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God. Psalm 84:3

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Vinny was awarded the Superstar of the month award at school! We are so proud of him. Vinny has come a long way since starting school. He had many changes and we were worried that public school might not be for him. He has done super in our eyes and now his teachers he nominated him for January's award.

100 Days

All three "school age" kids are celebrating the 100th day of school tomorrow at 2 different schools. All 3 needed to bring in something in group(s) of 100. Vinny's papers came home first and he jumped on goldfish. So thinking Sal and Kelli will need 100 goldfish each I go out to BJ's and buy this monster goldfish container! Vinny finds 100 stickers to make a poster, 100 beads to glue and we start counting out 100 goldfish ~ Guess what that is NOT alot of goldfish. LOL Its about a handful and a half. Now I have tons of goldfish. Sal and Kelli go to school and I beg both teachers to let them bring in goldfish because I have way to many. So Kelli and Sal spent most of the afternoon counting out their 100 goldfish and Vinny brings another paper from school stating it would be fun(ny) if the students wore 100 somethings (ex hairbows, pins, stickers etc) Vinny says I told everyone that I am going to have 100 tattoos! WTH??? How can I stick 100 tattoos on you? Well he has 100 tattoos on his neck, arms and legs! Which only took 3 hours to put on! LOL Wait until we try to take them off....

Vinn's tattoo collection includes: 21 tattoos on each arm, 23 tattoos on each leg, 12 on his neck!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Compliments! Compliments!

We have always gone out to eat on the weekends instead of going to Publix! Well the boys have grown up in restaurants and even with 3 never act up when we are out to eat. When we first meet Kelli we thought our days of eating out where over. She was loud, clumsy, messy just a complete train wreck. We stayed away from restaurants for the first 3 weeks and when we finally ventured out it was to RJ Gators or Duffy's. Well after a few bathroom trips to talk about what I expect her behavior to be while we are out she has became a restaurant champion! She orders herself, uses her napkin, reminds the boys we talk low in restaurants and has just blossomed.
This weekend we went to the Seafood Fest in Port Salerno, after Sal won a fish hat and Kelli won a lobster pen we wandered around down town and found a seafood restaurant. We looked at the menu and it was pricey but we thought we would treat ourselves, they asked if we wanted to sit outside which the kids picked and off we went. We where sitting on a boardwalk within a foot of the water where boats parked. I was having my normal nervous breakdown because I didn't realize outside meant sitting on the dock and I gave the kids the whole do not move out of your seats, you can fall in the water etc. With that we order and the kids start eating calamari (which I find funny since Vinny and Sal do not eat anything but pizza, hot dogs or chicken) and watching the boats come and go. Once our food arrives the table to our left 3 teenagers and their mom turn to us and say what a wonder job the children are doing at this type of restaurant. We say thank you and go back to eating. When we were finished and filling up the kids to go cups the table to our right 3 older people came over to our table to say how well behaved all our children where during our meal. We just had more compliments then what we knew to do with! Way to go kids, we will continue to eat out!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Big Girl.....

Okay so I am super neurotic when it comes to the kids and fieldtrips. I don't think the buses are a safe means of travel in Fl but PSL has had many accidents involving kids and school buses which makes me feel even less comfortable with them. Sal and Kelli's school does not have a school bus and rely on parents to drive. Todays Kelli's class had their 2nd fieldtrip (of course I drove on the first!) but the school said I could not take Nick and it was a half day for Vinny so I really could not drive. Kelli said she would be super good if I let her go BY HERSELF!!! Okay, I toyed with the idea and finally gave in making sure Kelli went with a certain mom. Her teacher said she did great! She was able to do everything by herself, played and listened better then the first trip. Oh she does better without me watching! Hats off to my big girl on her first fieldtrip to the park without mommy...

The time is near....

We just received our petition for adoption paperwork today! We need to sign and notarize the petition and our lawyer will be able to file with the St Lucie courts to finalize Kelli's adoption in February! Wow I can't believe she has lived with us for 90 days already, well actually February 4th makes 90 days.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking My Back....

Nick was back at the doctor today for xrays of his back. He has been saying his back hurts for the last month or so and our doctor doesn't know why, so we tried xrays to see if they can discover why he is up at night crying that his back hurts. We should find out today or early tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Now Nick's Nose

The family has been sick for a week. Last night we deside we are heading back to school finally so we all need to go to be early! The kids are all tucked in by 7pm and I crawl in by 9pm. At 12:30 Nick's screams fill the house. Ed finds Nick standing in the bathroom trying to wipe is "runny" nose. But it wasn't snot it was blood! He was covered in it. I cleaned him up and by 1am we are all back into bed, at 2:30am we are up again with screams of a bad dream about a bloody nose..... Nick asks if I will sleep in his bed incase his bad nose comes back, okay I think I woke up crimpled this morning!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Nick’s Noggin

Monday, January 07, 2008
Well we thought it would be great to plant flowers around the new pool and deck, so the 6 of us are out in the yard working the kids carefully placing the lava rocks around the aztec grass plants Vinny says I am getting bored, can we play? Well they have been green thumbs for 3 hours what can I say? So off the 4 of them go to play baseball of all things Sal and Kelli are in the out field and Vinny is at bat. Well the first ball bounces a few feet infront of Sal and all is well. The second ball doesn't bounce but the bat does right off Nick's forehead! The screams out lasted the blood which was pouring out of his eyebrow. So the 6 of us jump into the car and over to Lawnwood again. The nurse on duty is the same from when we brought Sal in November, so she rushes us in and the doctor says Nick will need 5-6 stiches on his eyebrow! Poor Nick looks like he just stepped out of the ring with Mike Tyson! So for the record each boy has been to the ER once, what will happen next??

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Picture Perfect

I love having the kids take pictures, becoming "Ms Kodak" the kids don't even argue when I say it is time for photos. As Vinny has gotten older he gives me a hard time smiling and Kelli acts like the camera may bite her but over all I have hams that like to take professional pictures over my photos. Except for when we went for Christmas photos, Kelli was awful refusing to smile or stand still. I so dreaded taking her again for birthday pictures. Now anyone who knows me the boys have always taken pictures with the number for their birthday until age 5, then school pictures take over.

Here is Nick's 2 year old picture May 2007

Here is Sal's 5 year old picture December 2007

Here is Kelli's 5 year old picture January 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008

Moving On....

Friday, January 04, 2008
When I moved from WPB to Birmingham I was so thankful for Tasha and her moms group HIH, and loved meeting new people and always having something to do. Yeah and even the drama wasn't bad. LOL I will always have a place in my heart for those "special members" who gathered at "the clubhouse" everyday. And of course there is Amanda, when I was not looking for a friend for a lifetime there she and her red-headed devil came crashing into our life! And I am so glad they did and we will always have that special bond. I miss them! So when I moved back to PSL I started a group with some of the same expectations, and thought I would find another Tasha and Amanda. Well after a year I have called it quits, really me and 4 kids are a group in ourselves and I don't believe there is another Amanda out there for me and my gang. I have no regrets about walking away which I find very odd since I cryed like a baby when I left Tasha HIH. I guess when you are in your hometown with friends who already know you and your kids you don't need to tryout replacement ones. So here is to a new year and new adventures with the old gang who gets me through everyday!