Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God. Psalm 84:3

Monday, February 25, 2008

Naughty Nick!

Nicholas has been very verbal which isn't always a good thing! Here are a few out of the mouth of babes....

  • I needed a bra for Tyrene's wedding and Nick and I go to Beall's to shop around. Well that was an experience having my 2 y/o in the dressing room with me. Anyway Nick is calling all the bras "boobies". We picked out and purchased a boobie and go home. The bra is on a cute little hanger and I put it on a dining room chair so I want forget to take it with me for the dress fitting. The bra was on the chair for 1 week, nobody bothered it. Sunday roles around and I am trying to pack up for out WPB trek, where is the bra????? Its not on the chair! I start to tear apart the house looking in the laundry basket, the drawers, the laundry room, other dining room chairs. Now I am watching the clock knowing it will take an hour to get to WPB with no bra. I finally run in the kids room and ask "Have any of you seen mommy's bra that was on the chair" Nicholas says "I hung your boobies up in the closet!" Sure enough my "boobies" where in the closet in between my shirts, funny I didn't think to look there!
  • If you can't hear it; make it up! That has always been an inside joke in our family which Nicholas has started doing. While we were in the car Nick asked if he could have toast for breakfast. I said sure and you can watch spongebob. He said No I don't ketchup. WhAt??
  • Nick and I go to the stores while everyone is at school. We needed to run into Walmart to grab one last item for Dawn's babies. (This item is by the bath stuff, which is by the tampons and maxipads) I said to Nick do you want to walk or ride in the cart? He says walk. So we are speed walking to the aisle and right before we get to the bath stuff Nicholas stops in front of the maxipads/tampons puts his hands on his hips and says "MOM DO YOU NEED YOUR DIAPERS?" Needless to say we left Walmart and bought the bath toy in Walgreens!
  • Nick and I went to BJ's and he asked for a pretzel, kinda hungry myself I get us a pretzel to split and 2 drinks. Nick and I do our shopping and check out. When we get to the car I notice Nick still has alot of the pretzel left. He asked if he could take it with him in the car. Sure! I get him all set up with his food, drink, quackers etc and start driving. After about 10 mins he says I don't want this anymore, so I ask him to put it in my gumby stretched hand and I said "honey did you bite this?" (Because I was still hungry), He says NOOOO! As I bite down he chimes in "I only licked it!"

Friday, February 22, 2008

Great-Grandparents Day

All Villages had their annual grandparents tea party today! Nana brought up the kids great grandparents: (top photo) Tony and Lee - My Mom's side and (bottom photo) Julia and Frank - My Dad's side. All the grandparents took the kids out to breakfast/lunch the we went to the school were the kids got to pick out books from the book fair (that would be the same book fair that I worked for 3 days straight lol). After I left Sal and Kelli sang to the grandparents then went into the classrooms where Kelli class read a story and had tea and cookies and off to Sal's class for an art project and had more tea and cookies! Nicholas can't wait for his turn next year!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We hopped over to Epcot and the kids had to go on the Nemo ride into the Sea. We rode in seashells along with Nemo, Dory and Crush! We had so much fun and then we went into the aquruim area to see all the underwater creatures. Next stop was Cool Plaza, where they have coke-cola from all around the world. Sal and Vinny love Costa Rica Fanta which they said tastes like fruit punch. I will say it was okay. Kelli tried them and picked the watermelon coke from China (Hmmmm do you think it tasted familiar to her?) Nick thought all the flavors tasted like poison! Then we headed over to the countries since we just tasted all their sodas. No Epcot trip is complete without a ride to Mexico with Donald Duck! We ate in America (hamburger, hot dogs, chicken and PB&J. While we were eating Vinny noticed the Presidents and asked if we could stop in there. Not that I don't mind history but 45 minutes made us all feel like Nick.....
We knew it was time to head home until our next Disney adventure!

Downtown Disney

After Disney we headed to downtown disney marketplace, we walked around and checked out all the new things. The kids needed to be "spit at" by Stitch in the middle of the marketplace.

After much thought we had to say no to the boat ride but the kids took a picture of the waterfont! Then picked out where we would eat dinner. Downtown Disney is putting in a Dinosaur park with shops, resturaunts and activities. I am sure we will be going back to check it out.... it will be Dino-mite!

Disney Adventures

We went to Disney Magic Kingdom and had to ride the Tram, all 6 of us actually fit into one car! The kids had a very good time riding Buzz Lightyear, Haunted Mansion, Stitch,Carousel Of Progress to name a few! After we had a fun filled day the kids were able to spend their Valentine money from Nana ($5 each) the kids wanted to go to The Sweetest Shop to get candy......

Kelli and Sal had a pucker stick which tye dyed their tongues blue and green! Nick wanted to get into the tongue action and stuck his out filled of chocolate M&M's, Vinny chose a pez which he was happy to report did not change his tongue color!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Sweethearts

Vinny's Valentine Kelli's Hand Sal's Flowers

With Vinny, Kelli and Sal at school this February 14th I got the cutest Valentine's this year!
So here is Vinny's: Roses are red, violets are blue, I love everybody including you! Mom I love you can you be my valentine? Valentine valentine red-white and blue I'll make a nice one and send it to you!
Kelli's: She cut out the two hearts herself! With a handprint on the front and this message inside: I love you because you take care of me, and you play with me.
Sal's: He gave me a half dozen hand made roses with two chocolate kisses!
Nick said if he goes to school he will wear underwear, at this point that is a great Valentine from him, now only if he really means it LOL

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Then and Now

The first day we meet Kelli she was so excited to see that Sal had a monkey just like hers. (well hers is dressed hawiian and his is dressed biker) They played with their monkeys putting them to bed and playing mommy and daddy. Fastforward to today when Kelli and Sal were playing mommy and daddy again but this time on the computer playing pop-it! Sal and Kelli figured out how to get on the internet click on pogo games and play Sal's favorite game pop-it which Kelli quickly learned how to beat Sal! These two have become best of friends!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Kelli needed to be tested by Exceptional Student Education team (psychologist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist and physical therapist) due to Kelli's background. She was tested on January 8th to see if she needed an IEP plan for kindergarten. I am very happy to announce Kelli will NOT need any services next year!
Her evaluations are as followed: Cognitive: picture similarities 46 (average) matrices 56 (average) pattern consrtuction (low) copying 38 (below average) nonverbal reasoning 102 (average) spatial 77 (low) special nonverbal composite 87 (below average) so overall cognitive development is 87 below adverage 19th percentile. Speech/Language: auditory comprehension 96 (4-7 y/o) expressive communication 103 (5-10 y/o) total language score 100 age equivalency of 4-10 y/o 50th percentile. So her psychologist and speech-language pathologist say with time she will be an average learner because she has more strengths (socially engaging, curiosity, hard worker, verbally expressive) then weaknesses (intially shy)!
Her OT has area of concern in: strength (muscle power against resistance) tactile (interpretation of light touch, pressure, temperature, pain and vibration) proprioception (interpretation of stimuli in muscles and joints) olfactory (interpretation of stimuli through eyes). But she also stated her educational strengths (independent with access of her environment, emerging perceptual motor skills, socially engaging personality, functional grasp patterns for manipulation of classroom tools, participates in joint attention to task, appropriate conversation with testers, responds well to verbal redirect to task, supportive family environment) out weigh her weaknesses (decrease in muscle tone impacting fine motor coordination, some defensive behaviors with light touch, decreased letter formation to write first name, limited frustration tolerance to challenging activities, limited visual attention of surroundings). So her OT feels Kelli will develope in a normal kindergarten classroom!
Her PT said since she can ambulate independently, has functional endurance and functional gross motor skills for school activities she will blossem given time. Her only concern is Kelli has mild - low muscle tone, but will not stop her!
We are very happy with these findings and always new in our hearts Kelli just needs time to be Kelli!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Growing Up...

Vinny asked me if he could bring a dollar to school to buy a flower for Nana for Valentines Day. I gave him a dollar and told him to keep it in his pocket until he could give it to Ms Washington. He looks at me and says I am not giving it to my teacher I have to buy it from the 8th graders. (I guess yet another fundraiser). Well I am sure I gave my worried face and said Oh honey you need to say your name slow and clear so they can write your name down. At that point I didn't know I pissed him off. He turns around and says mom I will just spell A-N-C-E-W-I-C-Z then and she can write it!!!! Oh okay is all I could think of, after 10 years I forget how to spell that.... I sat in the car and watched my 1st grader get out and fish his dollar out of his pocket and stand in line with all the 6-8 graders to buy his flower.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tea Party

Kelli and Mommy before we go, Kelli and her friends all dressed up!

Kelli playing the Shoe Race and Kelli and friends playing Tea House Bingo!

Barnes and Noble has an American Girls Tea Party every year during Super Bowl for moms and daughters. At the last minute Jenn and I desided to take our girls. We had so much fun! Everyone of our friends that has a daughter is invited to join Jenn and I next year for tea. The girls learned manners, had their pictures taken, played tea party bingo and the shoe race, made visors, had tea and cupcakes and tried to win prizes! What a night.

Fountain Fun!

Saturday the kids and I went to the Palm Beach Zoo to see the new reptile exibit. The kids had much more fun with the fountains instead! We are zoo junkies and has Kelli loving the zoo now only if it has a fountain!