Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God. Psalm 84:3

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Treasures: Hot Stuff

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nana and Nicholas

Today Nick had a *deep* conversation with Nana about being born. Nick has been fascinated about this subject for weeks and I do not know who put this seed into his three year old head. Nick and Nana were not doing anything special when Nick climbed into Nana's lap and said: Nick~ Nana I use to live in mommy's tummy
Nana~ yes you did, I am so glad you came out...
Nick~ yeah!
Nana~ What did you do in mommy's tummy?
Nick~ I swam and ate in there.
Nana~ What was her tummy like, was it light or dark?
Nick~ dark
Nana~ Was there alot of room in mommy's tummy?
Nick~ no it was small
Nana~ Well I am so glad you are here.
Nick~ I really liked it there
Nana~ Do you like it here?
Nick~ yes I can't go back into mommy's tummy I am too big
Nana~ yes
Nick~ Okay.....
And he jumped off and walked away. Hmmmm Not sure why he has been turned on to the subject of being born but I will keep you updated if he thinks of any new tid bits of my pregnancy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Treasures: Just Horsing Around!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Twirl Me This...

Kelli is taking Baton lessons! With her two best buddies Sadie and Madison at her side, the girls have started these lessons with hopes that they will perform in two Christmas Parades, a madi gras parade, St Patrick's Day parade and the show at the end of the year.
She is also selling raffle tickets for a $1.00. If any friends or family would like to support Kelli's team and have a chance to win $300, please let me know how many tickets you want. I will also let everyone know when her parades and performances are! We are so proud of her for trying something new. She needs positive encouragement to help with her self esteem issues and quite her performance anxieties. Can you believe this is the same little girl who came to us 10 months ago..... Never would I have thought she would be taking baton lessons and lecturing the boys how batons are not weapons!

Where are you going?

What could that logo mean? Are we are going to church?
Are the religious chameleons actually attending a Sunday morning service? Well you might guess yes and you would be right and shocked I am sure. The kids have decided that they enjoy Sonkids (an every other Friday night event at our local church) that they wanted to try Sunday School. Well they are hooked. We have gone two Sundays in a row and they can't wait to go back. Nick is in his own class with other 3 and 4 year olds and is in love with the caregivers. Vinny, Sal and Kelli are in the K-2nd class and look forward to what is going to happen at the next week and really have learned alot. They check to make sure I am learning too, so we won't have to ask Jen all of our religious questions anymore.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day Out

Today we went with Crystal's family to Lyngate Park, where Operation Christmas Child had a fair. The kids could play 5 games and have their card stamped to win a prize. We had to try out the "Hole in One". Sal, Nick and Vinny tried with all their might, but that ball just would not get in the hole....

Kelli, Eli and AJ went next and to Vinny's surprise (he is our "Tiger Woods") AJ got the Hole in One!

After golf, we tried the Ring Toss, Bean Bag Throw, Frisbee Race and Water Throw the kids saw Face Painting. We had half want painted faces while the other half wanted bounce house fun.

Eli wanted a Baseball, Vinny wanted a Golf Club and Sal wanted a Snake! Nick and Kelli said it was way to hot to be painted up and headed for a haunted bounce house. What a fun day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Walking Walking

WOW Jen and I are having an adventure on our walks not to mention all the miles we are racking up!

Week 1: 8 Sandhill Cranes and 15 miles

Week 2: 6 Sandhill Cranes, 1 walking catfish and 11 miles

Week 3: (only 3 days in) 7 Sandhill Cranes, 1 black racer, 13 miles and........

An alligator tail? No, a bike tire that looked like an alligator that scared us! We will keep our walking post updated with miles and creatures!

Tag I am It!

Krista from Bits and Pieces has tagged me! For this tag I have been asked to name 6 things that are unspectacular about me.

1. I started eating Special K 2 weeks before my sisters wedding (in June) to lose those "10 pounds" and somehow gained 10 more and continue to eat the "gravel" every day in hopes that I will lose the weight it says you can.
2. My favorite shoes are sadly Mary Jane Crocs followed by High Heal Crocs. Both that I own and proudly wear, (Thanks Ty).
3. I thoroughly enjoy buying and reading books. I can read a novel in just a few days. (Calling Dork 1: I cried at chapter 3 The End, can't wait to find out when he is coming back. Love Dork 2)
4. We are zoo fanatics and have been to multiple zoos in FL, SC, AL, TN and MS. We also plan vacations around zoos...
5. Even though snakes, frogs, lizards, spiders etc creep me out I can name them faster then you. Ohhh the joy of having 3 boys.
6.I love music, I can get lost to a different time or place or memory when a certain song comes on.
Okay I would like to tag a couple of my friends~ all of which are pretty spectacular ladies:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Grandparents Day!

Sunday was grandparents day and K-8 schools celebrated by inviting grandparents to lunch today. (Nicholas will have grandparents day in November) Nana got to see how a public school lunchroom works and eat lunch 3 times @ $3.00 a meal! Kelli had a chicken sandwich, peas and fruit ~ Sal had a corndog ~ Vinny had a cheeseburger so basically Nana got nothing.
Nana, Nick and I had lunch at a restaurant when she was finished at the school. Hmmm this could be why we pack our lunches everyday. Happy Grandparents Day!


Thanks to Storing Up Treasures in Heaven we have a cool new "family" at the bottom of the page! It was sooo cute I gave one to Tyrene's Tales and Growing Up Garcia..... Go get your family one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nicholas is going to School!

Today was Nicholas's first day of school! He was so excited he insisted to drive right there after dropping off his brothers and sister. So we were 45 minutes early!!! We sat inside the car for awhile and Nick said he loves school, he can't wait to see his teacher, when can he get out of the car etc. Then he saw a little boy that he swears was at one of the VBS's we went to. Here is the dialog..
Nick: Oh I don't like that boy, he's mean, he pushes me and Kelli
Me: Oh you might not really know him..
Nick: yes
Nana (trying to change the subject): Nick you look so nice I like your sneakers
Nick: They light up (sneakers) and I can stomp on that bad boy with them!
Me: No No not a good idea....
Then we get out of the car and try to mingle with the other kids, Nick freaks, don't leave me, I miss you, what if I don't like it etc. Wow did not see that coming, I notice Nana is getting worried but I am holding strong.

After school Nick is one of the last kids to come out, now I am thinking he did stomp on that boy. His teacher comes out and says.... how wonderful Nick is and she wants to take him home. He was a pleasure in the classroom and listened and helped and answered. First I had to check if the right child was given to me. Okay he was! We get into the car with the chorus of how proud we are with him and asked him how his day was. This is his response:
Well, we played and went outside where I rode a bike, then we had snack of goldfish and juice with no lid on my cup! Then we found our names on the ground and we had to sit and sing songs which she sang wrong......
Nana and I were laughing so hard with that I am not sure how the rest of the day went. But Nick feels his teacher is not a good singer. Well we will have to see how Thursday goes!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labels for Education

Nick is going to school this year. His school is collecting Campbell's Labels for Education and I am in charge of the project! (Did you think any less?) So could you help us collect some labels? You can send them to us or we can come to you!
Ready, Set, Things to eat!.....
Front Label of:
Campbell’s Beans Products
Campbell’s Condensed 10 oz. Soups
Campbell’s Condensed 26 oz. Soups
Campbell’s Low Sodium Soups
Campbell’s Fat Free Soups
Campbell’s Kitchen Classic Soups
Campbell’s Tomato Juices
Campbell’s Gravies
Campbell’s Soups (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s Condensed 10 to 11 oz. Soups (Specially marked packages only)
upc code: Campbell’s Soup & Recipe Mix
front label of:
SpaghettiO’s® Original Pasta (7.5 oz., 26 oz.)
SpaghettiO’s® Meatball Pasta (7.5 oz., 26.25 oz.)
SpaghettiO’s® Original Pasta (15 oz.)
SpaghettiO’s® Meatball Pasta (14.75 oz.)
SpaghettiO’s® Princess Meatball Pasta (14.75 oz.) (Specially marked packages only)
All Campbell’s Soup At Hand
Campbell’s Chunky Soups
Campbell’s Chunky Chili
Campbell’s Chunky Fully Loaded Soups
Campbell’s Chunky Soups (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s Chunky Chili (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups
All Campbell’s Supper Bakes Meal Kits
All Campbell’s Select Harvest™ Soups
Franco-American Gravies
front label of: Pepperidge Farm Soups
upc code:
Pepperidge Farm Breads, Croutons, Rolls & Stuffing
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, Cookies, & Snack Mixes
Pepperidge Farm Frozen Garlic Breads, Cakes, Turnovers, Dumplings and Puff Pastry
Prego Italian Sauces
front label with upc code:
Swanson Broth (can and carton)
Swanson Canned Chicken
Swanson Cooking Stock (carton)
front label with upc code and colored caps:
All V8 100% Vegetable Juice
All V8 Splash Juice Drinks
All V8 Splash Smoothies
All V8 V-Fusion 100% Juice
lid: Pace salsa picante and picante conqueso