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Monday, December 1, 2008

Is That YOUR Tree?

Right out of the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation we have a tree. What, you might ask? Here is the setting....We tote all 4 kids to the tree lot to pick out our Christmas tree this year and after a short 10 minute talk about which tree is the biggest/ fullest/ shortest/ cheapest etc we find "the tree", we ask the tree man to trim the top slightly to fit our star and trim the bottom to fit in our stand. He is the most helpful tree elf and everything is great, he surely will find a tip in his stocking! Him and dopey elf tie the tree to the roof rack and off we go. Ed and I are laughing about how quick they were this year and wouldn't be funny if the tree fell of the roof. HaHaHa WHAT! We heard a huge whoosh..... and the kids screamed "I think the tree is in the road". What? we u-turn and there is our tree dead in the middle of the street. (Luckily the car that rode our bumper half way around Torino Pkwy turned.) We thought the tree falling off the roof was not funny after all! We picked him up and had to stow him in the car because we are on a dark road without any rope and had no idea how we were getting our tree home. The kids all had to smooch together and we shoved the tree into the van. Now this is a sight as well. I felt we were in a clowns car, 2 adults, 4 kids and a 6ft tree! We got home and stood up our poor injured tree in the stand and top it with the made to fit star. Oh with so many bare spots because after flying off the car at 30mph a few branches came off we had to wrap it in material garland and lights.
Hmmm, maybe next year I will leave a different type of 'tip' in the tree elves stocking....

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Jen said...

First, I have to say I AM BLOWN AWAY at your promptness this year. Christmas pics AND a tree already. WOW!!!

Second, I have to say that is quite the story.

Artificial is much easier :-)