Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God. Psalm 84:3

Monday, March 24, 2008

Never Leaving...

While we where getting ready for Easter Sunday I called Kelli into the bathroom to do her hair. This is our daily routine since she has come home. She stands on the stool infront of the mirror and picks up or down. One or two. While I was brushing her hair for up times two she looks into the mirror and says:

You will never get rid of me right!? I say nope you stuck with us. She says good I love my new family and I don't want to leave. I say that wont be a problem because she is not going anywhere or her brothers. LOL Then she asks about Nana. She says I love Nana too. I say good she loves you too. So Kelli puts her hands on her hips and says well Nana loves all the kids. So I had to agree. I then explained Nana is my mom which Kelli quickly pointed out that makes Pop-Pop my dad. So I say yes. Then she asked in all seriousness Can I (meaning me) share my mom and dad with her dad (Ed). I told her it could be arranged! LOL

It makes me wonder what goes through her head day in and day out. I guess only time will tell.

Elmo Crazy!

Nicholas has gone Elmo crazy! He has been collecting different Elmo toys for the last year but now he has a big fluffy Elmo chair and a talking Elmo who go everywhere in the house with him. But his friend Ethan jumped on the Elmo Bandwagon and gave him his Elmo. That one is about half the size of Nick and goes everywhere with him. So now we have to make room for Quackers and Elmo! Now only if those Elmo undies would do the trick Elmo would be my hero too...

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday we had dinner with the family, the six of us plus mom, dad, Ty, Jason and TJ at our house. While we got dinner ready of prime rib, fresh peas and roasted potatoes, Tyrene and Mom hid all the eggs for our own hunt. The kids got their baskets and tried to cheat while they where hiding the eggs. So Ty and mom had to keep rehiding them while we kept them away from all the windows!

Nick wanted Jason to be his partner and/or the eggs to magically jump into his baseball basket. Kelli cleaned up finding the most eggs with Sal coming a close second. They explained they just did this at school so they knew what they where doing! Vinny took the diplomatic approach and decided 48 eggs divided by 4 makes 12 eggs each. So after he found his allotted share he went inside which is why there are no pictures of him. LOL Now the sugar high then sugar coma pictures should have been posted but we hate to embarrass the boy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Palm Sunday

We celebrate Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) with my dad's parents. Here are the kids with their Easter Baskets from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa. This year we spent the day at my parents house and planned having Easter at our house this year.

2 Funny Bunnies

2 cute kids:

plus fluffy bunnies:

equal the best Easter Picture:
Sal and Kelli school spring pictures!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Like the Nick Jr show, we had our own Backyardigan adventure! In our neighborhood we have huge birds (Sand Hill Cranes) that basically roam around looking for food, cross the street and even pose for pictures. Currently we do not have a fenced yard, our house has a vacant lot next door and a greenbelt behind us. We have had many creatures from these two locations visit (Raccoons, tree frogs and lets not forget the snake) but nothing beet the family of Sand Hill Cranes that came over this weekend. A mommy crane (1st picture) came over to see if we had anything to eat. Then mom (2nd picture) tried out the crackers. Finally (3rd picture) she let the baby come to eat from me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dress Up!

We collected 5 dress-up dresses for Kelli when she arrived. A black and purple witch's outfit, a pink tutu, a pink Sleeping Beauty dress, a Minnie Mouse dress and a two piece Cinderella outfit. We have them hanging in Kelli's room with shoes, handbags, earrings and tiaras. We were told Kelli wasn't really into playing dress-up and she only seems interested in it when her friends Madison comes over but the other day she wanted to play dress-up with Nicholas....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What not to do on a Saturday!

After our crazy week I thought the kids should get to do a fun activity this weekend since it was just me and them. Vinny suggested Chuck E Cheese because every time we go he is at school. I said okay not knowing every other family in Port St Lucie was going to be there! I couldn't find a parking space, that should have been my sign to turn around and go home, but I pressed on parked a football field away and gathered my ducks and headed inside. After a 10 minute search we found a table, ordered our pizza and drinks and handed out the tokens. Now you know, I don't have the average gang of children. Vinny and Sal swore to stay together and take off (in two different directions) Nicholas who is usually brave and goes off on his own is stuck to me like glue and Kelli who is scared of her own shadow and bites her fingers in crowds shocks me by asking for her money and taking off. So now in the Disney-style crowd I have to find my duckling. This is what I find....

Vinny went his way and hunted bad guys while Sal won our gang 140 tickets.

Nick was riding everything in sight.

Kelli took a try at a driving game and collected some flags then rode a roller coaster with Nick!
Than Kelli knocked me over when she asked to ride the horse at the Kentucky Derby (this horse runs and jumps very fast) then she came in 3rd place! You Go Girl, those who know Kelli this was a big feat for her! Over all we had a terrific crazy crowded day at Chuck E Cheese.

Great Snakes Alive (in my Garage!)

Thursday afternoon I opened the garage door and was shocked to see a very long and very fast snake was sunbathing against the door. As I stepped around the car to get the mail the snake went into the garage! Now I peed myself, there was a snake in my garage! I couldn't leave the garage door open because I had to take the kids to school (and this is not Hoover, AL anymore.) So I closed him inside and was planning on how to tell Jen and Brain the kids and I were staying the night! As I drove to Sal and Kelli's school I had a breakdown and had to call April for backup. After she was done laughing at my story she said call 911, the police or fire will hear how upset you are and come. While we were talking and driving (I am sure this is a big no! no!) a "trapper" truck was in front of me. I called the number and after she was done laughing at me, she informed me that it is a harmless black racer and I should be grateful that he will eat my rodents and she would not be sending a trapper. I informed her we don't have rodents and be grateful I don't come over there to kick her ass. I got to the school in total meltdown mode and everyone with in minutes knew about my snake. (Sal thought this was the best show and tell story ever.) Some people suggested I go home and leave the garage door open and the snake may just come out on its own. Okay how the hell would I know if he left? Would he leave a sign? No one has seen my garage, there is enough boxes and hiding places to bury Jimmy Hoffa, so this 5 foot snake should be able to live in there FOREVER and not to mention enough spiders to feed him for all eternity, why would he leave? Stacey (Sal's friend Brandon's mom) offered up her hubby to come to my rescue (for which I will be forever grateful) and after an hour of searching my garage he found the snake all coiled up in the opposite corner of the garage, by the door leading to the house! Needless to say I will not be opening the garage door with out the broom and flashlight for a while.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Turtle Talk

We took the kids to Loggerhead in Juno Beach this weekend. The Loggerhead Marinelife Center is a 501(c)3-sea turtle rehabilitation & education campus located on the ocean in Palm Beach County, Florida USA. The campus houses exhibits, live sea turtles and other coastal creatures. Exhibits include a giant Leatherback sea turtle, salt water aquarium and educational displays about south Florida's marine environment.
The nature center includes a marine-oriented gift and book shop, featuring an excellent selection of children's educational books and unique gift and craft items. Park amenities include a guarded beach, nature trails, picnic pavilions.

The kids were there for the touch tank talk and got to touch a starfish, sea cucumber and two conch shells. The also got to meet some turtles.

Cupid: Hawksbill, Stranding Location: Double Ledges Reef, Palm Beach Arrival Date: February 9, 2008 Initial Weight: 25 lbs. Current Weight: 25 lbs.
This sub-adult hawksbill was found entangled in fishing line by SCUBA divers. They cut the line from the turtle but were concerned that there may be fish hooks internally or that the turtle may have swallowed line. X-rays showed that there are no hooks but fishing line does not show up on x-rays.

Kona: Green sea turtle, Stranding Location: Cocoa Beach, Brevard County Arrival Date: December 16, 2007 Initial Weight: 9.5 lbs. Current Weight: 11.88 lbs.
This is a small juvenile turtle that was found washed up on the beach. This turtle showed signs of being exposed to red tide – a harmful algae bloom (HAB) that can kill fish and cause irritation to sea turtles. Symptoms can include twitching, jerky head movements and eye irritation. It can cause death in severe cases. Kona is anemic. They are treating it with a good diet and iron injections. This turtle will be released when the anemia is resolved.

Squanto: loggerhead turtle, Stranding Location: Black Point Channel Arrival Date: November 17, 2007 Initial Weight: ~85 lbs. Current Weight: ~85 lbs.
This underweight sub-adult loggerhead was seen floating near Miami. X-rays show some shell material in the gut as well as some gas, which is causing the buoyancy. This turtle is also anemic, which is not unexpected in a turtle in this condition. They do not know what caused this condition. He already has a good appetite and suspect the floating will resolve itself with good nutrition. They expect a full recovery of this turtle.

The kids enjoyed learning about the turtles, and touching the sea animals. Also taking their pictures with the large cutouts.